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Obesity Quiz


Take the following Obesity Quiz, then click the link at the bottom to see the answers.

 1: What are the risk factors for obesity?
a) Gender                   b) Breed disposition
c) Owner's lifestyle      d) All of the above 


2: What is the normal body fat composition for an adult dog 8 to 10 years of age?
a) 1% - 2% fat             b) 10% - 15% fat
c) 25% - 30% fat         d) More than 30% fat 


3: Obese dogs and cats are more at risk for which condition?
a) Musculoskeletal diseases     b) Diabetes
c) Separation anxiety              d) None of the above 


4: How is obesity diagnosed?
a) Blood test looking for lipids and triglycerides
b) Clinical inspection looking for body weight and body condition score
c) Radiographs and thyroid tests 
d) All of the above


5: Is surgery an option for weight loss in an animal?
a) Yes         b) No


6: Why are unbalanced weight reduction programs harmful?
a) Animals consume too many calories
b) Animals do not consume enough calories
c) They may produce deficiency states that can cause illness or death
d) Fiber makes no difference in a diet 

7: What type of diet is best to help cats lose weight?
a) High-fiber/low-fat diet   
b) Low-carbohydrate diet
c) High-fiber/high-carbohydrate diet
d) High-protein/high-fiber diet 


8: When is an animal obese?  When it reaches:
a) 5% excess body weight        b) 10% excess body weight
c) 15% excess body weight      d) 30% excess body weight 


9: Can obesity be prevented?
a) Yes          b) No


10: Who is responsible for helping the animal lose weight?
a) The veterinarian                   b) The owner
c) The veterinary technician     d) The veterinary assistant 
e) All of the above


Questions & Answers taken from AAHA's Trend's Magazine "What do you know"



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